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Welcome to Jay Ryan Web the newest online fansite dedicated to the talented actor Jay Ryan. This fansite was formerly located at Jay-Ryan.com and can now be found at Jay-Ryan.net and Jay-Ryan.org. Jay is best known for his roles on Beauty and the Beast, Neighbours, Mary Kills People, Go Girls, and more. He currently is set to star on the new sequel to the It remake, It: Chapter Two. The aim of this fansite is to serve as a respectful online resource for news and photos of Jay. Bookmark the site and follow us on twitter for site news and updates. - Girl Jay


Featured Films
details on all movies Jay participated to for the big screen.
Some titles are The Furnace, It Chapter Two, Lou.
TV Movies
details on all movies Jay participated to for the small screen.
Some titles are Together Forever Tea, You Wish!, Superfire and more.
TV Series
details of all Jay’s roles for television shows.
Some titles are Mary Kills People, Go Girls, Sea Patrol.
Video Shorts
details of all Jay’s shorts for movies and video.
Some titles are Franswa Sharl, Mockingbird, Dusk Night Dawn

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