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Welcome to Jay Ryan Web the newest online fansite dedicated to the talented actor Jay Ryan. This fansite was formerly located at Jay-Ryan.com and can now be found at Jay-Ryan.net and Jay-Ryan.org. Jay is best known for his roles on Beauty and the Beast, Neighbours, Mary Kills People, Go Girls, and more. He currently is set to star on the new sequel to the It remake, It: Chapter Two. The aim of this fansite is to serve as a respectful online resource for news and photos of Jay. Bookmark the site and follow us on twitter for site news and updates. - Girl Jay

Press/Photos/Site News: Gallery Update + Jay-Ryan.org

Lots going on here at Jay Ryan Web. The site can now be located at Jay-Ryan.org as well as Jay-Ryan.net. We also have a new Twitter so be sure you are following us there. The old one has a notice to follow the new one as the old one will no longer be updated.

I’ve started to merge the missing content and photos of Jay-Ryan.org with Jay-Ryan.net, so expect lots of updates in the coming weeks. Check out the first batch of updates below.

Jay Ryan Web’s Grand RE-Opening!

Jay Ryan Web is back! I’m so excited to be relaunching this fansite. I adore Jay even when I had to take the site offline due to personal offline reasons. I am happy to announce the site is back in full force. I am currently working on updating the gallery with thousands of photos from his current and old projects so expect those updates in the coming weeks. I’m so excited to get this site as complete and comprehensive as can be. I hope you enjoy our upcoming updates. Be sure to follow us on twitter for exclusive updates on your feed.

As you can see we are now located at jay-ryan.net and are no longer on our old domain jay-ryan.com so please update your links!

Site Status: Open Hiatus

This website has not been updated in some time. I am not sure of the future of this site. I have a lot going on in my offline life and have to make some cuts to my current fansite load. I am still a big fan of Jay. I just am not certain about the future of the site.

In the meantime, the website will remain open. Enjoy the content and gallery.

Updates on the Way! Save BatB!

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates. Unfortunately after opening this fansite I had to fly out of state to visit my father who is very ill and have only just returned home. I have tons of updates and goodies for you guys that I plan to add within a week. Please check back!

One of our affiliates, How Brave is your Love? (a BatB fansite) has made a page with information regarding all kinds of fan made campaigns that arise to help save Beauty and the Beast. Check it out here and show your support.

Jay Ryan Web: Grand Opening!

Hey guys! Welcome to Jay Ryan Web; the newest online resource for all things Jay Ryan. Most of the content on the site is online with the exception of a few pages so please look around and learn more about Jay and check out wonderful photos of him. If you are on Facebook or Twitter check out our Facebook Page and Twitter Page.

Be sure to check out our amazing and every growing photo gallery with nearly 6,000 photos (the largest online!) with thousands of more photos pending to be added. If you have a fansite and would like to be affiliates please apply here as I have a lot of openings. 🙂