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Welcome to Jay Ryan Web the newest online fansite dedicated to the talented actor Jay Ryan. This fansite was formerly located at Jay-Ryan.com and can now be found at Jay-Ryan.net and Jay-Ryan.org. Jay is best known for his roles on Beauty and the Beast, Neighbours, Mary Kills People, Go Girls, and more. He currently is set to star on the new sequel to the It remake, It: Chapter Two. The aim of this fansite is to serve as a respectful online resource for news and photos of Jay. Bookmark the site and follow us on twitter for site news and updates. - Girl Jay


I’ve been acting since I was six when I did a Spaghetti Oops commercial. I haven’t eaten canned spaghetti since. It might be because we did 400 takes!

(asked what he does when not filming “Sea Patrol”) I spend a lot of time at auctions. I go through old gems that nobody wants, polishing them up and finding them a new home – anything from 1960s furniture to antique frames and general bric-a-brac.

(on working on “Sea Patrol”) It’s like being six years old and getting paid to muck around with your mates! My favorite cast member would have to be the good ship, HMAS Hammersley.

I always seem to get parts where I play the sports professional – and that’s not me at all!

Sometimes you have to wear things that are way too tight. I’m the kind of guy that likes to dress in baggy pants. I like room to move!

I have the worst luck, because I’m the most unco – something from the set usually falls on my head, or animals on set attack me, or babies poop on me!

If I’m walking down the corridors at the studio, I’ll let out this big burp. The sound is great.

Izzy’s a bit boisterous for me though Natalie Bassingthwaite who plays her is beautiful and I’d definately fall for her – if she wasn’t taken!

I was a clown in a supermarket on weekends. I’d walk around and entertain the kids – it was great.

It seems like the perfect time to bring out a single. Maybe a duet with Delta…

I see a different side of Delta. I don’t sit there while she’s going through her lines drooling all over her!

Every single day families, friends and individuals battle with cancer. So use Daffodil Day to help, and join the battle.

I hate getting up early, especially to the awful sound of an alarm. I think to myself “Here I go, another 12 hours on set”. It’s agony, but once I get up I’m fine. I’ve had a few bad experiences when I’ve woken up and pushed the ‘stop’ button then fallen asleep again! The show’s directors aren’t very happy with me when that happens!

I love working with her (Delta Goodrem), but I can’t get away from her. Last week in Chapel Street I had these screaming teens asking me if she was a good kisser. That’s the sort of stuff they want to hear. Then the other day I was out on my balcony having a coffee and there was my neighbour singing Lost Without You at 7am.

It took about 5 months for me to sign on the dotted line of my contract… there were lots of things to consider, from losing anonymity to being unavailable for other film work for two years. It was a big decision and one that could work for and against me in the industry.

I jumped out of the plane right over the beach, which was sweet. I was looking straight down. I had lots of people looking up at me, and then I went for a swim afterwards.

We got a bit of flak from the Australian press. They were trying to fish for gossip about Michelle (Ang) and me. It was pretty full-on.

I always seem to get parts where I play the sports professional – and that’s not me at all!

I don’t think Jack has ever paid for one of his drinks. Little details like that get brushed away when you’re trying to film 100 scenes a day. Maybe I’ll get a massive bar tab when it comes to the end of my contract!

They give me dialogue coaching to pick up the accent but then I try and drop it as soon as I get home. I don’t want to come back with it. I’m waiting for the harrassment from my mother.

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